The CPI “PLUS FACTOR” Newsletter

  • CMAA Newsletter [pdf] Loy says, “As a sole proprietor and a CCM, I actually work on every project…the owner gets the benefit of my 35 years’ experience directly, not through two or three layers of employees between me and the project.”
  • Spring 2011 [pdf] CPI 2011 Experience the difference!
  • Fall 2008 [pdf] How do we build better schools in the 21st Century? The answer is a CCM – Certified Construction Manager.
  • Spring 2007 [pdf] Construction
    Plus showcases Grace Christian Academy, and our residential masterpiece for
    the Haskel Estate
  • Winter 2004 [pdf] Construction Plus showcases schools work at annual TSBA meeting
  • Fall 2003 [pdf] Construction Plus completing five East Tennessee Schools / CPI supports Boys
    and Girls Club of the Tennessee Valley / Beating the percentages: How Construction
    Plus saves money for clients
  • Fall 2002 [pdf] Construction Today: Design-Build, What makes it work? What makes it fail?
  • Spring 2002 [pdf] Construction Today: All Construction Management is not equal Part II
  • Fall 2001 [pdf] Construction Today: All Construction Management is not equal part I
  • Spring 2001 [pdf] Construction Today: Should it be in your future?
  • Fall 2000 [pdf] Construction Today: Is it possible to build a construction project hassle-free?
  • Spring 2000 [pdf] Construction Today: Horror stories – What can happen if you select the wrong contractor
  • Fall 1999 [pdf] Construction Today: Change orders…can you control their impact on your bottom line?
  • Winter 1999 [pdf] Construction Today: Quality, Cost or Time — Which are most important to you?