The Certified Construction Manager (CCM©) program stands out from other construction certificates and certifications. Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the CCM certification is based on the CMAA Standards of Practice (SOP). While many construction professionals claim they have extensive experience in Construction Management, they may not necessarily know, understand, or apply CMAA’s Standards of Practice. This is what the Institute certifies: It is a particular set of professional standards in the area of Construction Management based on best practices, formulated by the Association, translated into assessment instruments by the Institute, and applied by qualified candidates.


The CCM program was the first in the construction profession to be accredited by ANSI, the United States body affiliated with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It was also one of the first ten personnel certification programs accredited by ANSI under ISO standard 17024. The process to gain this premiere accreditation was thorough and rigorous. Those who hold our certification have met that same rigor and thoroughness in the certification process.

The Board of Governors looks for the highest level of competence in individuals who know, understand, and apply the Association’s Standards of Practice. Advancement to candidacy indicates that the applicant has the verifiable education and experience necessary to be a certified Construction Manager. Passing the comprehensive examination is confirmation of those qualifications.

There is depth and breadth to Construction Manager Certification: Its high standards of practice, concern for continuing education and life-long professional learning, and Code of Ethics make it – in the words of one owner – “the Gold Standard.”