The Reason CCM Matters


“Construction Management” sometimes seems like a fairly vague term. Yet defining the profession, and what should be expected of its practitioners, is critical if project owners, designers, engineers and contractors are to realize the full value of professional construction and program management.

On the CMAA web site ( under the CM Certification header, you will see the CCM Registry containing over 1000 certified construction managers.

Any business that involves the delivery of complex services by individuals has a huge stake in the quality of those services. Everyone recognizes a badly run project; disasters are conspicuous. But what are the reliable indicators that a project will go well?

It’s fair to say that one of the surest predictors of a successful project or program is the involvement of experienced professionals who have met consensus standards and earned recognition from their peers.

Professional construction managers are always learning. One of their primary roles is to look out for the client’s best interest. In order to do so, we must take our duty of care diligently. As our client’s business changes, we need to keep our knowledge, skills and abilities up to date – a Certified Construction Manager does this on a regular basis.

Today’s construction managers provide more head power (smart equity) than back power in today’s construction market. We strategize, plan, and execute to get the best investment for our client’s dollars. This level of expertise emerges from concrete understanding of what gets done, how it gets done, and why it gets done that way. Such practical understanding underpins an ability to help clients and team members make Value Informed Decisions (VID) during all phases and functions of the construction management process.