“Cherokee Health Systems asked us to help them in the selection of a constructor for their new rural medical office building. The selection process yielded a number of highly credentialed and qualified constructors. Construction Plus, impressed Cherokee Health Systems strongly on a professional and even more so on a personal level. The executives of CHS felt a connection and trust with those from Construction Plus seated across the table, understanding that those same people were the ones who would actually deliver their new facility.

Turns out their instincts were right. Throughout all the challenges and difficulties typical to a construction process; the trust and chemistry between us – the designer, the owner – executives and users and Eddie ( Elder ), Dan ( Guidali ) and Sandy ( Loy) were the essential elements to a very successful project delivery. We and, I believe, Cherokee would welcome the opportunity to build together again – both a facility and a relationship.”

– David L. Cockrill, AIA – President, Cockrill Design & Planning

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